Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A Snowy Day at the Airport

 It was a little foggy on Sunday morning, so I decided to head over to the airport.  There was a plane that I don't normally see.  I was just hoping it wasn't too foggy.

First hope was the plane that I was hoping to catch.
It was a 767.  Normally these planes are used on international routes but with international travel heavily restricted, Delta has been using these on some of their busier domestic routes.
This particular one was arriving from Fort Myers.  It might also be easier to socially distance on a plane like this.
I think this was a Beechcraft Baron.  It was coming in from Windsor.
An Embrear 175 coming in from Charlotte.
I like it when there is a little moisture in the air because it comes off the wings nicely.
In some pictures, you can see the vortex trails.  This particular plane was arriving from LaGuardia.
An A321 arriving from Fort Lauderdale.
Another shot of that plane.
A CRJ-700 arriving from Newark.
This particular one looked really cool.
One more shot.
A Spirit A320 arriving from Fort Lauderdale.
Another shot of that.
An A321 arriving from Tampa.
One more angle of that plane.
Another plane that I was waiting for, was the 757-300.
This particular one was coming in from Orlando.
The 757 has really nice trails.
Another angle.
And one more because I like this plane.

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