Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Belle Isle Eagles

I had a little time between ships so I decided to go seek out the eagles.

There is a nesting pair on Belle Isle.  They are tucked away in one of the less visited areas of the park.  It's not too bad of a drive to get to them though.
The nest is tucked back in the woods and if you didn't know where to look, you would probably pass it by.
The eagle in the nest was kicking up a bit of a squawk.
And then both of them were.
I kind of like the pictures I got of them in the nest except for all the branches.  But I guess that's how you know these are in the wild.  Although, I'm not sure I would call Belle Isle "the wild".
I had a little time between the next ships, so these pictures are going to be a little out of order.
This time the eagle went over to his spot across from the Coast Guard station.
It was pretty windy.
I kind of like this view.
He was looking around.
Such a regal looking bird.
Kind of looks like his hair was mussed.
Another look.
 And my last shot of the eagle.  Unfortunately it was getting darker at this point, so I had to bump the shutter speed up a bit.

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