Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Michipicoten Passes Detroit

 So Saturday morning, I had to do some blood work and then I had to take my mom to do some bloodwork.  While waiting for her, I took a gander at the river traffic.  I saw that the Michipicoten had stopped for fuel.  Since she's a rare visitor in these parts, I decided to head down on the off chance I could catch her.  I first headed down to Riverside in the hopes that I could catch her leaving.  I missed that but she wasn't too far up the river.

So I headed over to my spot at Belle Isle.  I barely caught her there but I was able to get a couple shots with my proper camera.
Unfortunately, I was shooting into the sun.
She was unloading at a spot on the Rouge River near Zug Island.  I think she was delivering stone.  I think that the steel mills at Zug are closing, but I'm not sure.
Anyway, it was nice to catch her with my drone again.  It was a little on the windy side, so I couldn't take my drone up too high.
But it was a nice sunny day.  So I was able to get some decent shots.  And I love the blue of the Detroit River.
And she started to pass.
The beam shot.
I was able to follow her to get another beam shot.  This time with less glare.
And then she passed.
I think she was heading up to Marquette.
I kind of like these stern shots.
As she was leaving, I heard her yelling at a boat.  You can see a little fishing boat in front of her.
One more shot with the drone.
And one more shot with other camera.

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