Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Couple Hours in Fostoria

On Sunday, I decided to head down to Fostoria.  I was waffling a bit because Saturday was a pretty full day.  However, I decided that I needed some pictures.
 First up was a CSX engine coming down from Toledo.
 Well actually, it was a pair of CSX engines.  The one on the left has the new CSX Logo.  They have the saying, "How tomorrow moves".
 An example of some of the graffiti you find on a train.  I'm assume this is the scary version and not the Lake version but still....
 The way the light was passing through gave me a glimpse of what the autoracks were carrying.  This particularly one looks like a Jeep.  That makes sense since they are built in Toledo.
 More graffiti.
 Another engine.  One of these days, I'm going to sit down and learn the different styles of engines.  I believe this one is a GP or Jeep.
 Another engine from another angle.
 A group of turtles.  I actually don't mind when the graffiti is actually depicting something.
 I had to decide between a picture of the car....
 ....or a picture of the train.  Luckily I got both.
 Especially since I don't see CP engines too often here. 
 A Norfolk-Southern Train.  I think this one was carrying tank cars.
 As it starts to pass by.
 Normally, I wouldn't post a picture like this but it's not usual to see only one car on a train.  I think this pair was just moving the car somewhere.
A shot of the moon.
 I usually don't grab a picture of trains at this angle, but I was waiting for a Norfolk-Southern train that was approaching from the west.
 I just took this picture because of the truck crossing.  The train is alot further than it looks and I don't think the crossing gates were down at this point.
 And the train starts to make the turn around the bend.  Even though it looks like I'm about to be run over....
 The train veers off to the right.
 As I was starting to leave town.  I noticed this CSX train parked waiting for it's turn.  I realized it was going to be here a while when I saw the conductor and the engineer on the side of the tracks.
 As I continued on US-23 out of town.  I saw this train at the other crossing.  As if the yield sign is necessary for a train.
 I decided to stop for some pictures of it.  you don't realize how long a train is until you see a picture like this.
 Normally I would not take a picture of a train like this head on but given that the train ahead of it wasn't going anywhere, I figured this train wasn't going anywhere.  I'm sure if it were going to move, I would have gotten the horn.  The engineer flashed the lights for me, giving me a nicer picture, I think.
And one more before moving on.

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