Sunday, April 19, 2015

Random Shots from Riverside Park

I heard rumors that Riverside Park was going to be opening this April.  Since it's April, I figured I would go check it out.
 It turned out that those rumors proved to be false but since I was there and since I didn't figure I would be there long, I parked my car to get pictures of the Welland.
 the Federal Yukon docked at Nicholson.  I'm not sure she what she's picking up.
 The Joseph H. Thompson docked at Mistersky.  she's getting some fuel.
A duck parked at Riverside.

From what I could tell, it doesn't look like Riverside is going to be opening any time soon.  The parking lot looks like it could use a paving.  The park was still in disarray and the signs announcing that it was closed were still up.  I did see some drums, so I presume that there was some kind of cleanup activity.  So maybe...

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