Friday, April 3, 2015

Grand Rapids, Ohio

Grand Rapids is probably about 20 miles to the southwest of Toledo.  If I remember the sign correctly, it was established in 1853 and was a stop on the Miami and Ohio Canal.  This was the canal that stretched from Toledo, Ohio to Cincinnati, Ohio and allowed goods to be moved from the Great Lakes to the Ohio River.  There is a spot nearby where you can ride a replica of a Canal Boat.
 The main reason I stopped here was because I saw an old train.  I think this a Buick Switcher engine.
 And old grain elevator.  I don't think the tracks or elevator are used commercially, but there is a scenic railroad that uses them.
 The switcher from the front.
 An old Detroit Edison Engine.  I'm not sure what kind it is but it currently not in service.  I suspect it would require some serious funds to restore.
 An old Chessie Caboose.
 A close up of the cat.
 Another angle of the Detroit Edison Engine.  I think this one is similar to the one in Marysville.
 Another angle in black and white.
 A closeup of the drive wheels.
 The Engineer's view, sort of.
 A shot of the old canal.  It's usage fell down with the emergence of the railroads.
An old rail bridge.

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