Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bristol Bay Fades Into the Fog

The Cuyahoga was being followed pretty closely by the Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay.
 She's been pretty busy since the shipping season opened.  She's tried to keep the St. Clair River open while it was covered in ice.  She's also been escorting ships through the ice.  She'll get a little break and then she'll have to start working on the buoys and what not.
 I think it's a pretty nice looking boat.  Not as nice as the Canadian Cutters but it will do.
 She's heading back to her home dock in Detroit.  I imagine she will refuel and head to someplace where she is needed more.  I think there is still some ice in Eastern Lake Erie.
 I really like this shot.
 She slips into the fog.
And is almost engulfed by the fog.

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