Monday, April 27, 2015

Tug Victory and James L. Kuber

After catching the Jackman in Marine City, I decided to head up to Port Huron.  There were two ships headed upbound that I wanted to catch there.  One of them was the Speer which you've seen already.  The other will be covered in the next ship post.
 The Victory is the tug portion of the Victory/James L. Kuber.  In a way, it's like Master/Blaster from Mad Max except that the tug is both the brains and the brawn.
 I will have to admit, that I am starting to like these a little more.  I still wish it were a proper ship but it's not too bad looking.
 She passes under the Blue Water Bridge.

 A more full shot of the Bridge.
 After the Speer and next ship, I decided to head home.  I wanted to get some better shots of the Kuber, so I headed back down the St. Clair River (there were a couple other ships heading upbound that I hoped to catch).  I caught up to the Kuber in Marine City.
 A full beam shot.
 A shot of her bow.  Apparently, she is not to be given up.
 Another more or less beam shot.
A shot of her tug as she passes by.

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