Thursday, April 16, 2015

A New Mode on My Flash

I subscribe to a group called "The Digital Photography School".  It's a place where people can learn about photography and many of the people that hang out on the forums there are pretty nice.  One of those people really helped me with my sports photography. 
Anyway, every Thursday they send out an e-mail where they give some handy photography tips.  One of them was about modes that aren't often used on a camera.  One of these modes is where you can adjust the intensity of your flash.  So tonight I had to try it out.
 Well a pretty good subject for me is my model trains.  I actually like to take pictures of my models but I don't really like the flash on the camera.  One of these days I will get a flash that you mount on the camera but I don't use flash often enough.  So I'm glad to find out about this mode because it really softens the light.
 For that matter, I think it makes some of the details on the trains pop out.
 I think I would like this with a little more depth of field.
 The engine I bought in Altoona.  I read today that the Nickel Plate 765 is heading to eastern Pennsylvania, I'm wondering if that will give me a chance to catch her as she passes the Horseshoe Curve.  I hope so.
 This is probably my favorite engine.
 The building on the left is probably my favorite out of the ones I built.
 Reminds me of my trip over the weekend, although I think I need to make these look more beat up.
And I leave you with the train station.

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