Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Odds and Ends

I was going to try to get some pictures of my cat tonight, she was sort of cooperating.
 I think she was laughing at me here though.
Here she was looking fairly cute.
 I gave up on her for a bit and decided to do some of my trains.  They were a little more cooperative.
 Some consider the T-34 the best tank in World War II.  It has its origins in a design by American Engineer Walter Christie.  One of its main features was sloped armor.  This helped it deflect shells with less steel.  There were several variants throughout World War II.
 I'm not sure if the M-1 Abrams is considered as one of the best modern tanks, but it has to be up there.  This is a model that I built a few years ago and it was based on a role playing game I used to play called Twilight 2000.  It was set in the aftermath of World War III.  Only in this case, the Soviet Union and United States sort of crawled across the nuclear threshold.   This does have one feature of all the model tanks that I build in that it says, "Kilroy Is Here".
 Another picture of Chessie.  She was being a little more cooperative for this one.
 My BNSF engine.
 My Canadian National Engine.
Admiral Horatio Nelson was a Royal Navy hero from the Napoleonic Wars.  Probably his biggest victory was during the Battle of the Nile.  It was here that he shattered Napoleon's desires in Asia.  He was killed at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 (the Royal Navy would go on to win that battle).

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