Friday, April 3, 2015

Zappa Plays Zappa

I was in Royal Oak to see the Zappa Plays Zappa show.  It was put on by Frank Zappa's song who is a pretty good musician in his own right.  I like Frank Zappa's music, so this seemed like it would be a pretty cool show to go see.  Frank died in 1993 and his son Dweezil started to do these shows in 2006 where he would play his dad's songs.  Basically, he wanted to introduce Frank's music to a younger audience.  He has a lot of material to choose from.
 This picture was taken with my proper camera before I put it back in the car.  The theater didn't allow proper cameras.
After I saw several other people using their phones, I decided to use mine as well.  Before the show, Dweezil did some guitar lessons.  Apparently this kid was part of that group.
 The person on the left was the singer and he was pretty much a dead ringer for Frank Zappa's voice.  If I closed my eyes, I could imagine that it was Frank Zappa on the stage.  They did a few of Frank's more famous songs (but no Montana) and they did a few of his deeper tracks.  It was actually a pretty good mix of his music.
 The stage looked pretty cool too.  In this picture, Dweezil is playing the guitar and I would have to say that he is pretty good guitarist in his own right.  I think he did a few albums in the 80's but it seemed like he was always in his father's shadow.
 The woman on the right was also a pretty good musician.  She was playing all sorts of instruments.

 Dweezil Zappa during a guitar solo.
 During the encore, they had some people from the audience come up on stage while they played "Dancin' Fool".
 They ended the show with the "Muffin Man".
The musicians taking a bow.

My only complaint about the show really has nothing to do with the show itself but I wish I had seen Frank Zappa when he played.

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cmadler said...

Dweezil is a phenomenal guitarist. In addition to his father, I believe he was a student of Steve Vai. My only issue with Zappa Plays Zappa is that I'd like to see Dweezil move forward to write and perform more of his own stuff, because what he's done so far is great.