Thursday, April 2, 2015

Eastern Michigan at Night

I saw a post on Facebook that the Eastern Michigan Library was going to be lit blue for World Autism Awareness Day, so I decided to head over to campus to see if it was still lit.
 Sure enough, it was.  I will have to admit, it looked pretty cool.  But then again, it's a pretty nice looking building to begin with.
 I was trying for different angles but I couldn't quite get the right angle.
 Looking up at the tower.
 Trying a shot from the front but I couldn't get back far enough.
 A shot with the moon in it.
 And one more.
 As I was leaving, I took a look at the schoolhouse and I kind of liked the way it was lit, so I stopped and took pictures of it.
 A shot from the front.
The Water Tower wasn't as well lit as I had hoped.

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