Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Bristol Bay Passes Milliken

I saw that the Bristol Bay would be passing by.  I didn't really want to wait the additional time that it would take her to pass Belle Isle.  Plus I wasn't sure if she would be going to her normal docking spot, so I decided to head over to Milliken.
 It wasn't too long before she appeared.  I didn't realize that she would be pushing her barge but that's okay.  When she's not out breaking ice, she starts to work on aids to navigation.
 This involves replacing or moving buoys around.  It is important that shipping channels are well marked, as one of the ships found out not too long ago.
 While I don't mind the barge, I think I like shots of her when she's unencumbered better.
 She moves along.
And then moves away.

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