Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wearing Her New Duds....the Great Republic

The Great Republic has appeared on this blog several times in the past but in all of those posts she was wearing her old American Steamship Colors.
 Sometime last year, she got a new coat of paint and finally looks like she is a part of the Great Lakes Fleet.  It seemed like I never got the opportunity to catch her  though.  She would either pass at night or on a weekday.  I've wanted to see her in her new colors as I like her fleet mates.
 I found a different spot tonight because I didn't want to lose any more light.  It is across the river from this power plant.  I kind of wish I would have caught the ship in this light.
 Oh well, the ship still looks pretty nice.  I kind of like the dusk light.  I just wish there was a little more of it.
 The Great Republic is heading up to Stoneport which is near Alpena.  There she will pick up...wait for it....stone.
I'm not sure where she is going after that.

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