Monday, April 27, 2015

A Couple Shots from Canada

So after heading north on the highway, I finally made it to Sarnia.  It was actually a pretty nice drive for the most part.  The highway pretty much stays close to the River.  There is a point where you pass through Chemical Valley but that's kind of interesting.  I stopped in Sarnia for lunch and then I found my way to the park that I always get pictures of but I've never been to.
 A different vantage point for the Blue Water Bridge.  It looks roughly the same.  I know that I'm going to have to explore Sarnia a little more.  See where I can get good vantage points for ships.  I think I can tell that I wont be able to get my head shots of upbound ships here though.  Or least, I don't think that I will.
Looking at the Fort Gratiot lighthouse.  It will be nice to have pictures of this in my ship shots though.

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