Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Algoma Harvester Returns

Even though I don't like the fact that they have been built in China, the past couple of years have been pretty exciting on the Great Lakes.  In that time, we've seen a number of new vessels added to the Lakes.  While they don't have the lines of a classic freighter, I think they look pretty nice in their own right.
 One of these ships is the Algoma Harvester, she was added to the Lakes last year.  It's actually kind of surprising that she is a straight decker but I think there are still a few ports that can't deal with a self unloader.
 She has appeared on this blog before.
 I think she looks too clean.  I'm used to seeing more stuff on a ship but I do like her windows.
 She passes under the Blue Water Bridge.
 She turns to enter the St Clair River.
 Again, another shot to show why they call it the Blue Water Bridge.
 The sun was just about perfect.
 And she continues on her way.
 Since she was following closely to the other ships, I decided to stick around St. Clair to Catch her pass.
 This time I decided to leave the big lens on.
 A shot of her anchor pocket.
 One of her pilothouse.
 A closer shot of her anchor.
 The beam shot.
 Her pilothouse as it passes by.
 She continues on her way.
 One more from St. Clair.
 Her she is as she comes off Lake St. Clair.
 The sun was starting to set.
 She passes by.
 and a beam shot.
As I was heading back to the car, I noticed I had a chance for a bifecta.  A 747 was passing overhead as the ship was passing.

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