Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Heading Home

I only spent a couple hours in Washington.  As I was heading out, I saw the traffic coming back on the turnpike and I figured that I would try to avoid that section of the turnpike.
 This would mean a trip on I-68 and a few other interstates.  It's actually a pretty nice drive but I think it adds about 100 miles to the trip.  I will have to say that I-68 is a little more interesting than the turnpike.  Both go through the mountains but I-68 isn't graded quite as well.  In total it goes 120 miles from Hancock, MD to Morgantown, West Virginia.  It took close to 25 years to complete.
 This is at a rest area near the place called the Sideling Cut.  There is a rest area there with a really cool feature.
 That feature is that you can go up on a bridge that crosses over the freeway.  The cut itself is pretty unique.
 I had to make one more stop in Cumberland.  This time, I was treated to some better lighting for trains.
 I just wish I was paying attention as this train approached.  It gave me a pretty good view of the city though.
 I've stopped at this station before.
 A church.
 One of the things I like about older towns is that they have some character.
 Another old church.
 Another view of the train.
 The rest area as you enter the West Virginia border.  I think I may have to wander down here one of these days.  I think I would be happy in Wheeling because I saw a few tugs as I passed over the Ohio River.
 If I had to guess, I would say this was used in lumbering or coal.
A group of flags.

So that was my quick trip out east.  Next time I will plan it a little better.

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Christopher List said...

Sidling Cut...is that where we stopped when we went to get my Daytona in your snow covered Cavalier?