Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tug Barge!

These shots are taken from the pilothouse of the William Clay Ford.
 The first ship I saw today was the Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder.  She is one of a few tug/barges that sail on the Great Lakes.
 She ended up being my first ship of the season when I traveled to Cleveland.  It was a surprise that time too.
 I kind of like her looks though even though I'm not a huge fan of tug/barges.
 Her tug looks pretty cool and apparently it is pretty cool.  It's engines are mounted on pods and they can swivel to assist in turning.
 In case you didn't believe me that this was from a pilothouse.
She continues on her way.  She didn't have far to go as she was just heading to Zug Island.  I'm not sure what she was delivering though.

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