Monday, April 27, 2015

So Ferry Crossed the St. Clair....

Normally when I go over into Canada, I will cross on either the Blue Water Bridge, Ambassador Bridge or the Windsor Tunnel.  I've seen the ferry often enough but I never thought of taking it.  As I look at the traffic crossing any of the other points, I figured that the ferry might prove to be the least amount of hassle.
 They loaded a couple of us so that they could make some room for the cars leaving the ferry.  I was actually kind of excited about this.
 A shot of the ferry's pilothouse.
 Marine City from the River.
 It turns that this was the ferry that I would be taking back.
 Looking up the River towards St. Clair.
A view of Canada.

I proved to be correct.  There wasn't a huge line at the customs station on the other side.  He asked a few questions and let me go on my way.  It was pretty nice.  There is a pretty nice highway that seems to be the Canadian Complement to M-29.

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