Tuesday, April 28, 2015

And Another New Ship

The other ship that attracted me up to Port Huron was the Johanna C.
 The Johanna C is a British flagged ship.  She is carrying wind turbine blades up to Duluth.
 The moon.
 She is owned by Carisbrooke Shipping out of Cowes, UK.  Cowes is on the northern side of the Isle of Wight and is just below Southampton.
 She was built in 2009 in China.  She is a little over 452 feet long.
 She can carry almost 13,000 tons of cargo.
 I'm not sure if she normally carries turbine blades but it seems like she is pretty well suited for that.
 She looks like she could also be a container ship.
 She continues on her way.
 She continues on her way to Duluth.
Another shot of her cargo.

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