Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Cabooses

There's actually been a bunch of excitement in Sturgeon Falls lately.  A couple of weeks ago, I got a new table.  This one is solid, so there isn't a spot in the middle where the track is lifted slightly.  This helps greatly in the running of the trains.  I moved it around so that I could expand it a little bit if I wanted to.  And I'm seriously looking at doing just that.
 Today, I decided to get a couple of new cars.  Even though you don't see them all that often, I do like cabooses, so I bought a pair of them to add to my CSX engine.  One of them is from the Chessie System which is the predecessor of sorts for CSX.
 Granted, this doesn't look like a real train but it still looks pretty cool.
 My other caboose.  It also is a CSX caboose but it is in Operation Lifesaver Regalia.  Operation Lifesaver is a rail safety advocacy group.  It was founded by Union Pacific in 1972 and it's main purpose is to educate people about rail safety.   If they see activities that may not be safe they will call out film makers or photographers on that.  Granted much of it is common sense but  given the rash of rail incidents lately...maybe it's not all that common.
 A shot of the Amtrak from the front.
 I was messing with different settings on the camera.  I think this gives even more subdued lightly and is something that I will have to explore.
 The other side of the caboose.
 The CSX engine coming around the bend.
A shot of my yard.  This probably also doesn't reflect reality but I can't pick one railroad.

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