Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Michigan Exposures Visits Kentucky

I've never really been to Kentucky before.  There was the brief stop in Covington the last time I visited Cincinnati and there was a time where I went to the Toyota Plant in Georgetown.  I figured it was time to change that, especially when I found out something that I could see there.
 Kentucky is properly known as the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  While there is no legal distinction between a commonwealth and a state, it does mean that the government there is supposed to be looking out for the common good.  It one of four states that calls itself a commonwealth, the others being Massachusetts, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  It is currently the 26th most populous state in the Union.  Because of the large swath of bluegrass, it is known as the Bluegrass State.  It is famous for horseracing and bourbon.
I kind of liked this tile display at the rest area I stopped at.  It was sort of a Kentucky shape and horse.

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