Sunday, April 19, 2015

And a New One....

So the ship that got me out today was the CSL Welland.
 She is on the downbound side of her maiden voyage.  I believe she went to Thunder Bay and is now heading to Montreal.
 She was introduced to the Lakes last week and is another ship that was built in China.
 I think the CSL ships look nicer than the Algoma ships though.
 I kind of like the way their pilothouses look.
 Again, she is another straight decker.  I think CSL built three self unloaders and three straight deckers.
 She passes by the fishing pier.
 Then I decided to head over to Riverside Park to catch her and the Westcott in action.  Here she is passing the Ren Cen.
 A closer shot of her.
 One more.
 She is stalked by the Westcott.
 A shot as she passes under the Ambassador Bridge.
 One more.
A shot of her pilothouse.
And she continues on her way.

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