Tuesday, April 7, 2015

La Grange, Kentucky

So my destination was La Grange, Kentucky.  I saw some pictures of street running trains and wondered where that was and found out that LaGrange was a place where I could see that.  The town itself is about 70 miles to the southwest of Cincinnati.  It sits on the CSX main line from Cincinnati to Louisville.
 La Grange was founded in 1827 when the Oldham County seat was moved from Westport.  It was named after the estate of Lafayette.  It was officially incorporated in 1840.  It looks like your typical small town.
 Looking down the street.  I have a feeling that La Grange has re-invented itself.  The shops down Main Street are your typical touristy type shops.
 I like the looks of these old buildings.
 A sort of shot of the track running down the street.  More on that in the next post.
 An old law office.
 The County Offices.
 One of the churches in town.  I kind of liked its looks.
 I think this was a Unitarian Church.
 This is the home of the Oldham County Historical Museum.  Sadly, it was not open when I was there.
 Another church.
 The County Courthouse.
 Another one of the buildings.  this was a toy shop.
 In 1850, the Louisville and Nashville Railroad was chartered by the State of Kentucky.  It would eventually connect many of the cities of the south and thirteen states.  It ended up owning the line from Cincinnati to Louisville which this is part of.  In 1982, it would become part of the CSX empire.
 Another shot of the law offices.
 I really like the look of older towns.

 Some Easter decorations in one of the shops.
 I didn't see too many rail themed places.
 I kind of like the tracks in front of the building.
 An old steam engine.
 A switcher engine.  This is part of the railroad museum.
 The sun setting.

 I think these clocks are everywere.

 La Grange at night.
I saw this fire engine rushing by.

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