Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gallup Park - Ann Arbor, MI

The weather is finally getting nice, so I decided to take myself and the camera to the park. Unfortunately, the temperature started to drop like a rock and it got cold. But I was able to get some pictures of ducks, geese and swans. I was happy since they can often be a pain to get.

Normally I don't get a shot like this. By the time I have the camera ready they are long gone and their quacks sound like laughing. The ducks at Gallup are a little tamer because idiots feed them.

Another shot I don't normally get.

I love this camera. The clarity on some of the pictures is amazing.

Gallup has a few swans that hang out there. It's always nice to get a picture of them.

Another shot that I like.

The geese are annoying but they do look cool.
And this picture reminds of someone contemplating his future.

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Dom said...

I miss Gallup Park