Monday, April 9, 2018

Close But No Cigar

I decided to go planewatching tonight.  I was hoping to catch the 787s as they came in.  It turns out that I missed the Royal Jordanian 787 by about 5 minutes (or less).
 When I arrived at the airport, it was squalling, so I was about to leave when I saw that it was about to stop.  As I was looking at the plane patterns, I thought the Air France 787 would land on runway 22R.  I headed over to that spot to catch her.  I barely was able to catch this 737 as it arrived from Phoenix.
 It was followed by a CRJ-200 from South Bend.
 And another one from Erie, PA.
 I'm not sure where this one was arriving from, I couldn't find any information on FlightAware.
 An MD-88 from Bradley Locks.
 It was followed by another CRJ-200.  It seems that this was the only plane I was going to see tonight.  I kind of like the snow trailing off the wings though.
 The 757 I thought was going to fly over, ended up landing on the other runway.  So instead, I get a pseudo-757 arriving from Minneapolis.
 I was able to catch the Air France 787 as she landing on the other runway.
But I managed to catch the pseudo-787 arriving from Beijing.

It sounds like it is going to be nice on Thursday night, so I'll try again.

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