Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Few Minutes With Trains

As I was taking the train to Chicago on Saturday, I noticed that there was a train yard that wasn't too far from the train station.  Since I had a little time to kill, I decided to try and find.  And sure enough, it wasn't that far off.
 The Consolidated Rail Corporation (or Conrail) was formed by the Federal Government to take over the various bankrupt rails of the Northeast (Penn Central being the principal one, the other being the Erie and Lackawanna).  If this hadn't happened, rail service would have ceased to exist in the Northest for a long time as everything got sorted out.  By 1981, it was turning a profit and many of its lines were sold to other companies.  There are still a few things owned by Conrail.
 Of course it was the engines that interested me.
 I think this one is used for short hauls or as a switcher.
 One more shot of the first engine.
  As I was getting ready to head back to my car, I heard the distinctive whistle of an Amtrak engine.  So I figured I would stick around for pictures of the Wolverine.  It's always nice to get pictures in a different setting.
Since I think they use the same engines for the same routes and times, I now have a few pictures of this particular engine.  I'm fine with that since I have the miniature version on my model railroad.

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