Friday, May 29, 2015

the Peonies Are Back

I kept hearing that the peonies were back at the Arboretum.  This is something I've been looking forward to since the last time I saw them last year.  Despite the fact that I take many pictures of trains and ships, I do like things like flowers.  They make for a nice change from all that mechanical stuff.
 The house in front of the Arboretum.  I think this is a pretty nice looking house.
 Many of the peonies were still in bud form.  I want to say that only about 25% of the flowers have bloomed so far but those that have looked pretty nice.  I kind of like the variety of peonies they have at the Arboretum.  But I guess that comes with the territory of having one of the larger peony gardens in the country.
 Apparently there are different styles of peonies but I'm not about to attempt to name them.  I'll just go by the colors and enjoy them that way.
 I will have to say that some of them look very similar to roses.
 Others look similar to other flower types.

This one looks like it was one of the first to bloom and is about to go away now.
 This one has some flowers that are waiting to bloom.
 I tried to take pictures of them from different angles.
 Another one.
 They were having some sort of Shakespeare thing going on tonight.  This might have been a rehearsal for a play they have later in the summer.
 I don't recall seeing the yellow peonies last year but this was the only one I saw.
 Running behind the main garden is a little trail with other types of flowering plants.
 This one reminds me of a dragon.
And just an overall view of the garden.

I will have to go back sometime next week, I think more of the flowers will be in bloom.

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