Tuesday, May 19, 2015

And Last Up...the Harbour Fountain

Sadly, my day shipwatching had to come to a close.  I had to go to a friend's 40th birthday party and it's not often that you can do that.  There were still a few more ships to be had that day but they weren't passing by until later.
 My last ship of the day was the saltie, the Harbour Clear.  I assume she is owned by Nordic Tankers as they have several ships that being with the name Harbour.
 There are many Great Lakes folks that don't like the salties.  I'm not one of them, I think they bring a deal of variety to the ships.  Not that Great Lakes ships are monotonous at all but still.
 Usually they are brightly colored and have unique configurations.
 This particular one is a tanker that is heading up to my birth town of Bay City.
 A shot of her profile.
And she continues on.

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