Sunday, May 17, 2015

Next up...the Cedarglen

It's getting closer to summer and one of the things I like about the summer is the fact that I can stay out a little later.  That actually makes heading up to Algonac (or wherever) worth.  If the ships are grouped tightly enough, I can catch a few in a couple hours.
 the next ship was the unique looking Cedarglen.  Because of her unique pilothouse, she is one of my favorite rear deckers.
 She looks really nice in the light of the setting sun.
This is probably one of the better spots for boat watching.  The background isn't too distracting.
 Almost a shot of her profile.
 The wind was pretty nice.
 Her reflections were caught in the water pretty well.
 And you even get a glimpse of your intrepid blogger.
And she heads down to Lake St. Clair.  I'm not sure where she was heading next.

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