Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Trains in Fostoria

So then I decided to head over to Fostoria.  It seemed like there weren't too many more trains passing through Deshler.  Of course as I headed over to Fostoria, I saw two trains that would have been passing Deshler soon.
 Fostoria is pretty nice because I get a chance to see the Norfolk-Southern trains.  I also get the normal view of the trains as they are coming from the west.  This is probably one of my favorite views.
 Sadly, I didn't get the headshot.
 One more shot of that engine.
 I wish I would have been paying attention to the horns because I would have moved to the sport where I could get this as a headshot.
 This looks like an old Union Pacific engine.
 The Spock Car.
And one more shot.

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