Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Back to the Same Old Place...Sweet Home Chicago

So on Saturday, I went over to Chicago.  I wanted to see what their National Train Day was all about.  It was interesting in Toledo and I wanted to see if it was more of the same or something bigger.
 Of course I decided to take the train over there.  I always enjoy my trips on the train and it is actually fairly relaxing.
 I would have to say that the sign that says, "To Trains" is probably my favorite it in the world.
 It was long before the Wolverine appeared.  It actually looked pretty nice in the rising sun.
 I have to keep remembering to use manual mode when I'm taking pictures of trains from the front.  The lights are usually bright enough to mess with the exposure settings.
The water of the Huron River looked pretty smooth.  It made for a fairly nice picture.
 Leaving the Jackson train station.
 I love the fact that I pass a bunch of trains on the way.
 I think this building used to be a train station.
 Looking down a street in Battle Creek.  I have to admit, it is always pretty nice to be on this side of the crossing gate.
 The Old Michigan City Lighthouse.
 The New Michigan City Lighthouse.
 A pair of Union Pacific engines.
 Another Norfolk Southern Engine.
 A switcher engine.
 The Amtrak passes through some of the busiest railroad real estate in the country.
 Passing over I-94.
 An Amtrak engine about to go through the washer.
 I think this is an older engine, it is now being used as a switcher.
Another shot of my train.

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