Thursday, May 28, 2015

And the Indiana Harbor

I don't know how many thousand footers I've seen in a weekend before, but I think last weekend may have been a record for me.  The next ship would make the seventh thousand footer I saw over the weekend.  Given that there are only 13 of them, that's over half.  If I would have had more time, I think I would have see the Presque Isle as well.
 At any rate, the next ship is the Indiana Harbor.  I've seen her several times before.
 She's actually a nice looking ship (even though she doesn't look all that different from the other thousand footers).
 There were some people feeding the seagulls next to me, this was between massive seagulls appearances.  I do think the seagulls add to the picture though.
 She gets closer to Mission Point.
 I kind of wish I could have the "Keep the Lakes Great" as a bumper sticker though.
 I don't think it's fair that a ship has one.
A tight fit for the subject of our next post.

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