Tuesday, May 12, 2015

National Train Day in Chicago

So I arrived in Chicago.  I had to wander over to the National Train stuff first.
 I kind of liked the picture of the pair of engines as I was heading into the station proper.
 The Amtrak Exhibit Train was being pulled by the same pair of engines.  The "Salute to Veterans" train was in front.
 I kind of like this.
 The station was pretty well lit.  I made for a pretty nice picture.
 One of the earlier Amtrak uniforms.
 National Train Day was started by Amtrak as a way to celebrate its founding.  It now covers many other aspects of railroads.  This is a plaque of the original Amtrak logo.
 I think one thing I like about Amtrak is the fact that it is aware of where it came from.
 An example of old Amtrak dining car.
 A pair of model engines.
 Why not?
 Part of the exhibit was a sampling of their horns. 
 Another pair of engines.
 The control panel for a train.
 A poster for the Acela train.
 A poster that shows how Amtrak gives names to its lines.  Part of it is from history and part of it is from railroad history.
 The lead engine.
 An inflatable Chuggington.
 One model railroad setup.
I guess this gives me something to aspire to.

I was happy to go there but I think the show in Toledo was a little better.

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