Thursday, May 21, 2015

Maria...the First Time I've Seen Here

Usually if there is a ship I haven't seen, it's because it's a new build or it's a salty.
 Given that this vessel is operated by Groupe Desgagnes out of Quebec City, I'm not sure what category she fits in.  I think she can serve the role of a salty but I'm not sure.
 She's not particularly new as she was built in China in 1999.  She started life as the Kilchem Asia but she only kept that name for a year. 
 She's only 393 feet long and can carry a little over 13,000 tons of cargo.
 Either way, she's a pretty nice looking boat but if you look at the scuffs, you can tell she's a hard worker.  I think that's a symptom of having to go through the Welland every so often.
I like the color scheme of this particular company.
And one more shot as she continues on her way to Quebec City.

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