Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Sun Sets on the Mesabi Miner

It wasn't too long for my next ship to appear.  I decided to grab dinner at Clydes Drive Inn while waiting for her.
 I've seen this ship a few times in the past.  She occasionally makes her way to the St Clair Power plant but it seems like when she does, it is at times that I can't catch her.
 She was the ship that I saw opening the Locks at my first opening day there.  I will have to say that was pretty impressive.
 I sometimes call her the Wasabi Miner, since her name is so close.
 I will have to say that she is an impressive looking ship.  I still watch in awe that something like this can actually float.

 She gives you an idea of just how large she is.
 A shot of her bow.
 It's always nice to have people in the picture because it gives you a real idea of the scale of these things. 
 The Captain was wishing all the people at Mission Point to have a nice Memorial Day.
 Her stacks reflecting the light of the setting sun.
One more shot.

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