Thursday, May 28, 2015

Make Way for Algoway

One of the things that I like about staying up at the Soo is that I get the opportunity to catch ships as the sun rises (or pretty close to it).  The St Marys River in the Soo is arranged so that there really isn't bad lighting.  As I've discovered over the years, the best lighting is either early in the morning or later in the afternoon.  However, I've come to live with lighting at other times.
So the first ship I saw on Saturday morning was the Algoway.  She's been on this blog several times in the past but I wont grow tired of her.
 Even though she is looking pretty tired herself.
 I believe she was heading to Essexville, MI but I'm not sure what she was delivering.
 I still think she looks pretty nice, even with the amount of rust.
 I decided to head down to Four Mile Beach to catch her there.
 I didn't realize the water would be this smoothe though.
And she continues on her merry way.

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