Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Algorail heads for the Rouge River

Following closely behind the Blough was the Algorail.  The Algorail is another ship I like to catch as much as possible.
 It turns out that she was heading for the Rouge River, so little did I realize, I would get a little bit of a treat.
 It will be a shame when the Algorail goes for her final voyage.  Something tells me that it is coming soon.
 A shot of her profile.
 Shortly after passing the park, she is greeted by the Great Lakes Towing tug Wyoming.  The Wyoming would be one of two tugs to assist her into the Rouge River.
 The Wyoming nestles up against her in order to help her pivot.  It's kind of cool to watch tug boats in action.
 Soon she is greeted by the Superior. 
 The two tugs work to get the Algorail pointed towards the Rouge.
 I almost get another beam shot out of this.
But I did get a pretty cool head shot.

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