Thursday, May 28, 2015

Following the Cresswell

I only went slightly past the lighthouse because there were a pair of ships coming down that I wanted to catch.
 One of them was the Peter Cresswell.  I think she was coming down from Thunder Bay.  She might have been heading down to the Rouge River, but I'm not 100% certain.
 If she were, I think she would be carrying either stone or cement clinker.
 From afar, she doesn't look too bad.
 I didn't realize that you could see the International Bridge from Mission Hill while I was taking pictures.
 I only wanted to catch her as she was entering the Locks. 
 Next it was over to Mission Point.  She mostly carries cement clinker and that is a messy business and her hull really reflects it.
 Other than that, I think she's a pretty nice looking ship.
 A friendly wave from the Captain.
 A closeup of that.
 She continues down the River.
 She makes her way past the Four Mile Beach.

 The beam shot.
 She starts to pass an upcoming ship.
And one more shot before following the upcoming ship.

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