Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Mighty McCarthy Majestically Moves...

This next post appears slightly out of order as I saw the subject of the next post first, but since I continued chasing, it makes more sense to post her last tonight.
 I was not expecting to see the McCarthy as she was unloading at the St Clair Power Plant when I started on my trip.  It turns out that she was doing a split load for St Clair and the Monroe Power Plant.  It also turns out that she would be meeting the subject of my next post (and the ship I was out for), the Cason J. Callaway.
 I always like to call these pictures freighter jousting because it looks like that is what they doing.  Well not really, but it's one of the disadvantages of having an imagination, I suppose.

 It doesn't take long for the smaller ship to get dwarfed, especially since the McCarthy was closer to me.
 It's amazing how such a large vessel looks so graceful on the water.
 Or stately....or whatever you want to call it.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
And she heads down to Monroe.  She will unload there and head back up to Duluth and start the cycle over again.

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