Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ending With Thunder Bay

And then there are ships that I see fairly often.
 Despite being two years old, it seems like I've seen the Thunder Bay a few times now.
 I guess I'm fine with that since she's not a bad looking ship.  but then again, there aren't too many ships that I wont say that about.
 I think I like her pilothouse the most.  It looks different than some of the other pilothouses.  In fact, it looks like it gives you pretty good visibility.
 You can definitely see canal rash on her but that is pretty common to Canadian boats as they pass through the Welland quite a bit.
 She is heading to Chicago.
 Sadly, my light was waning because I saw another ship heading down.
 She passes Maria.
She continues on her way up the St Clair River.  She will head up Lake Huron, pass under the Mackinac Bridge into Lake Michigan and then continue down Lake Michigan to Chicago.  I'm not sure what she is delivering there though.

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