Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Classic Callaway Carries Cargo

Since alliteration was so fun in the last post, I figured I would use it here too.
 The ship that was bringing me up was the Classic Laker, Cason J. Callaway.
 She serves Great Lakes Fleet with her sisters Anderson, Munson and Clarke.  Currently the Anderson is laid up for maintenance but she will be back next year.
 Callaway was out getting a new paint job and I'll have to say that she looks pretty nice.
 She passes by the park.
 I'll have to say she looked really nice in the setting sun.
 Just before she met up with the McCarthy.
 I decided to head up to Marine City next because I wanted more pictures of her.  The sun was starting to go behind the trees and it was starting to get darker.
 But not too dark.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 And her profile.  For some reason, I like the profile of these ships, they look like happy boats.
 And she moves on.
 It looked like it was getting a little foggy out and I was hoping to get some shots of that.  Sadly, the sun was a little lower, so I had to increase my film speed.  I thought it was kind of cool to get her with her lights though.
 The almost profile.
 And she passes by.
She continues up the river.  She would head to Calcite, where she would pick up a load of limestone.  I'm not sure where she was off to after that.

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