Thursday, May 28, 2015

One More Stop at the Bridge

Well actually, it was two stops since I got pictures from both sides.
 First I stopped at the Bridge View Park on the St. Ignace side.  I really like the statue of the Bridgeworker, so I decided to get a silhouette.
 Another shot of that side.
 Then I stopped at the park in Mackinaw City after enjoying some pasties.  It was starting to get dark.
 But I did manage to catch the Anglian Lady and her barge.
One more shot of the Bridge.

It was a pretty good weekend for me.  I managed to catch over 20 ships.  I found a new spot for boatwatching.  I climbed up the Point Iroquois Tower.  If I had stayed one more night, I could have caught the Blough.  I'm sorry for the whirlwind of posts but I wanted to clear the slate for peonies and whatever else I do this weekend.

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