Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cold and Rainy in Deshler

I didn't do anything yesterday because I realized that I've spent the past month on the run and I just wanted to take a day off.  I wasn't going to let two days in a row get away from me even though the weather was kind of nasty.  So I decided to head down to Deshler first.
 It didn't take long for my first train to appear though.
 It was coming along at a pretty decent clip.
 It had a mixture of cars on it.
 I saw this one as I was approaching the town, I was hoping I didn't miss it because it would give me an opportunity to get a picture I've been waiting for.  Fortunately, there was the first train I saw going east and west.
 This is one of the pictures I've wanted ever since coming here.
 A shot of the engine.
 You can almost see the reflections in the water.
 A train heading east.
 And it's group of autocars.
 I was leaving town and I saw this train heading west.  I decided to turn around to catch it at Deshler.
 As it passes the train station.
 One more shot of this one.
 Again, I was trying to leave Deshler and I looked down the tracks and saw this one.
 It ended up turning though.
And a shot of the back engine.

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