Sunday, May 31, 2015

Still Rainy in Fostoria

I decided to head over to Fostoria next.  I was hoping that I would catch some trains on the Norfolk-Southern line there.  Sadly, there was a bit of a tie up or something because I didn't see any trains moving through when I got there.  I didn't stay for long though.
 As I was heading out of town, I saw this train waiting on the track waiting to go south.  I decided to stop and get pictures of it.  If you look towards the back, you can see the lights of my next subject.  I'm not sure if you can tell, but it was still raining.
 So I got a little further out of town and saw this one.  It was waiting for the next train to clear, I think. 
 The engineer decided to move the train a little closer to the road.
 Since I was confident it wasn't going anywhere, I decided to take a headshot from the road.
 A slightly off center headshot.
 I kind of like the leading lines on this shot.
As I looked at my rear window, I kind of liked the effect of the raindrops and stuff.  I just wish the train were more distinct.

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