Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chicago - The Conclusion

So got back to the spot where I could pick up the water taxi.  I figured another ride on the Chicago River would be cool.  The regular taxi would probably be cheaper but not as scenic.
 While I waited for the water taxi, I was taking some pictures of boats.
 A shot of the Tribune Tower.
 One of the other water taxis.
 The Trump Tower.
 Looking down the Chicago River.
 Another type of water taxi.
 A shot of the El as it is about to cross over the bridge.
 I was a clear day and an airplane from my trifecta.
 Another shot of the boat and the El.

 I kind of liked the framing.
 Another view down the river.
 A tug pushing a barge.
 Looking up at the Sears Tower (sorry...I can't call it by the other name).
 I kind of wanted to get the buildings on the other side.
 The Globe.
Looking over at the River again.

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