Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Roger Blough Passes a Fog Shrouded Belle Isle

I saw that the Roger Blough was going to be passing Detroit on Saturday morning, so I decided to head out to catch her.
 It looked like it was going to be foggy on the way over to Detroit.  Little did I realize, it would be this foggy.  Well, it was kind of coming in waves.  Of course, just before the Blough appeared, it didn't look like it would be this bad.
 I think with a little less fog, this would be a pretty cool picture.  Especially if the pilothouse and bow were shown and the back wasn't.
 As Mick Jagger once said, "You can't always get what you wanted".
 For a brief moment, I thought the fog would lift.
 So then I decided to head down to Del Ray.  I was hoping it would be less foggy there and it was.  Sadly, driving through the city was a bit messed up, so this was as soon as I could catch her.
 Fortunately, it was clear for the beam shot.
 And she continues her way down the Detroit River, to Lake Erie and then her final destination of Conneaut, where she will deliver taconite pellets.
One more shot before focusing on the next subject.

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