Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Atlantic Huron

The first ship I saw going through the locks was the Atlantic Huron which is a ship operated by the Canadian Steamship Lines.

She was launched as the Prarie Harvest in 1983. She was built to haul grain. After new owners, she became the Atlantic Huron in 1989.

The ship as it's coming near Sault Ste. Marie. It is amazing how big these ships can be.

The ship as it approaches the Locks. You start to get a better idea of just how big these ships are.

The ship is entering the Lock.

She was going up to Lake Superior, so she started out lower in the locks.

This is a shot using the photstitch. She's about the leave the locks. You can see her raised up to Lake Superior's level.

As she's leaving a little further.

A photostitch to show the locks with a ship in them.

As she's making way to open water. It is also amazing how much power these ships have.

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