Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tiger's Stadium

I've seen many games at Tiger's Stadium and have many fond memories. I made it to the second to last game there. I remember sitting in the outfield and taunting the opposing players (the seats were that close). One time, I got lower deck seats that were two rows from the field, you could pratically touch the players. Sadly, it was old and they decided that it needed to be replaced by Comerica Park.

Last year, they started the demolition of the stadium but they left up from 1st to 3rd base because there might have been a group interested in restoring it.

This is pretty sad, the D is faded, the Tiger looks like he is nearly in tears.

And I found out they are taking the wrecking ball to the rest of the stadium but unfortunately, my light was leaving. It's just as well....the sun is setting on Tiger's Stadium.

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