Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Soo Locks Shots

The Visitors Center was not open the last time I went to the Soo Locks, so I had to go up there again. Also I did not see any ships as I was there, so that was kind of disappointing.

The Visitors Center is pretty nice. It has a history of the locks and some models of different ships. It also has a board that shows the ships that are scheduled to go through the locks. I thought I was going to be disappointed again when I went in and found out that there would be a ship coming through a little later. So we decided to go to Point Iroquois (last post) and come back when the ship would be coming through.

A shot of the International Bridge. This connects the US to Canada through the Sault Ste. Maries (the Canadian one has the same name).

Playing around with the photostitch program again. This time to get a good panaromic shot of the locks.

A Coast Guard patrol boat.

The Administration Building.

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